Flashing Colorful Led Light Up Bumpy Jelly Rubber Rings Finger Toys For Parties Event Favors Raves Concert Shows Gifts 18 Pack


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Flashing Colorful Led Light Up Bumpy Jelly Rubber Rings Finger Toys For Parties Event Favors Raves Concert Shows Gifts 18 Pack

The Perfect Light Up Toy For Putting On Amazing Light Shows For Friends Or Used As A Bright Halloween Costume. Captivate The Audience With Flickering Finger Lights At A Club, Rave, Halloween Party, Birthday, Disco And A School Dance. A Colorful Assortment Of Jelly Rubber Rings With Bumpy Texture & Flashing Led Lights Are A Must Have.

Make Rave Clothing The Must Have Light Up Costume With Your Own Original Creation By Accompanying With Other Led Light Up Toys So That You Steal The Show At A Halloween Costume Contest. These Are The Hot Toys To Have For Novelty Gag Toys. The Perfect Accessory For Birthdays, Parties, Raves, Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Or Festivals.

Simply Press On A Jelly Ring To Turn The Flashing Colorful Led Lights On Or Off. Glow In The Dark Toys Are Great For Kids Birthdays As Party Favors But Also Great For Adult Dance Parties, Raves And Celebrations. Comes In A Pack Of 18 Jelly Rubber Light Up Rings In Assorted Colors.

Light Up Toy Rings Are Waterproof. Batteries Already Included And Are Non-Replaceable Or Rechargeable. Flashing Led Bumpy Rings Are Great Stocking Stuffers For Kids. Creative Uses As Alternatives To A Ponytail Clip, Ponytail Holders And Toe Rings. Loop Them In Your Laces And Light Up Kids Running Shoes For Fun And Visibility.

Rings Measure Approximately 2″ Inches And Are Soft That Easily Stretches To Fit Any Sized Finger. Simply Squeeze Gentley And The Jelly Rings Will Start Flashing Thanks To Leds Hidden Inside Its Soft Material.

The Light Up Rings Are Made Out Of A Soft Adjustable And Comfortable Rubber Gel Material. The Rings Can Fit Different Size Fingers As It Has Enough Stretch And Does Not Feel Constricting. To Activate The Flashy Rings, Simply Press On The Ring And It Will Start Flashing. To Turn Off The Flashing Led Bumpy Ring, Press On The Ring Again. These Led Rave Gloves Are The Answer For A Colorful Great Night Life Party Celebration Like The 4Th Of July Or New Years Party. These Will Become The Light Up Toys People Will Talk Out. Create A Hypnotic Visual Display Show That Will Make A Kids Birthday Party, A Festival And Carnival Memorable.

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