Saboteur Strategy Card Game


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Saboteur Strategy Card Game

Ages 8+

3-10 Players

Great For Game Nights: Simple-To-Learn Strategy Card Game, With A Playing Time Of 30 Minutes

Fun For Family And Friends: The Saboteur Changes On Every Game

A Classic Game: One Of The World’S Most Popular Strategy Card Games

Great For Travel: Compact Card Pack Fits Easily Into A Backpack Or Suitcase

How To Play: Collect And Play Path Cards Leading To Hidden Treasures. Use Special Cards To Foil The Efforts Of Your Opponents. Can You Keep Your Identity A Secret?

Includes: 44 Path Cards, 27 Action Cards, 28 Gold Nugget Cards, 11 Character Cards (7 Gold Miners, 4 Saboteurs), Illustrated Instructions

You And Your Fellow Dwarves Are Digging For Gold In A Maze Of Mining Tunnels. But, Beware! Some Of The Miners Are Saboteurs Trying To Foil Your Efforts And Steal All Your Hard Earned Gold. To Find The Mother Lode, You Must Overcome Cave-Ins, Broken Lanterns And Busted Pick-Axes. In The End, The Dwarf With The Most Gold Nuggets Wins.