2 Piece Car Truck Construction Kit Toy Set Vehicle Educational Magnet Building Tile Magnetic Blocks Puzzle Magnets Toys With Re-Enforced


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2 Piece Car Truck Construction Kit Toy Set Vehicle Educational Magnet Building Tile Magnetic Blocks Puzzle Magnets Toys With Re-Enforced Hitch And Long Bed For Girls Boys Toddler Ages 3+

Learning Is Fun – It’S Never Too Early To Start Developing Your Children’S Steam Skills With Visual Learning, To Acquire A Strong Sense Of Color, Arts, Geometry, Number Counting, 3D Architectural Design, And Structural Engineering. Keep Your Child Occupied With Hours Of Fun And Learning Which Foster Creativity. Toy Construction Magnetic Building Block 2Pc Truck Set Keeps School Age Children, Toddlers, Preschool Kids, Boys And Girls 3+ Occupied For Hours Of Fun And Learn With Stem Education

Creativity Beyond Imagination – Promotes The Child Brain Development. Encourage Creativity Which Is The Key Factor To Success In Today’S Ever-Changing Environments. Magnet Tiles Building Puzzle Blocks Stackable Playboards Educational Construction Toy Kit Stem Learning Toys Is Designed Fosters Hand-Eye Coordination, Logic Training, Critical Thinking, And Problem Solving Skills Of All Ages Including Preschool, Group Activity, Classroom Teamwork And Kindergarten

Endless Entertainment – Enjoyable For Single Or Multiple Parties To Fulfill The Sense Of Achievement Together. Magnetic Construction Tile Blocks Are Bpa-Free, Non-Toxic, And Suitable For Any Age (3+ And Up). Let Your Imagination Run Wild And Challenge Others To Construct Fantastic Castles, Trains, Houses, Rockets, Vehicles, Planes, Ferris Wheels And Much More! Keep Your Hands Busy, Interact In Groups And Spend Quality Time With Close Friends And Family Designing Something Amazing And Incredible!

Therapeutic – Screen Free Solution To Release The Children From Their Electronic Devices Such As Tv, Gaming, Smartphone Or Tablets And Finally Bring Some Peace And Quiet Time Back To The House. This Puzzle Magnet Toy Set Comes With Open-Ended Possibilities To Foster Child Brain Development, Critical Thinking, Develop Kids Creativity And Stimulate Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Skills. Relax Your Mind And Stay Focused On Creating Whatever You Can Think Of In Colossal Style!

Stimulate Imagination – Don’T Waste Your Child’S Sense Of Imagination! Covert 2D Magnetic Toys To 3D Buildings For Children To Develop Their Imagination And Create The World They’Ve Always Dreamed Of. Imagine In Style With The Colorful Magnetic Construction Block Tiles That Allow For No Limitations And Are Scalable To Build As Big As Desired By Adding More Pieces To Your Designs. Turn This Truck Into A Trendy Race Car Or Even Link And Combine As Many Cars Together To Make A Moving Train Castle!

Features:Educational – Learning Is Fun! Give Your Children A Head Start! It’S Never Too Early To Start Developing Kids Creativity At A Young Age, Picasso Tiles Inspire Youngsters To Learn By Playing, Children Will Acquire A Strong Sense Of Colors, Recognition Of Geometrical Shapes Including 3D Forms, Number Counts, Magnetic Polarities, As Well As Creativity, Which Is The Key Factor To Success In Today’S Ever Changing Environment. An All-In-One Kit Enabling The Kids To Learn By Intuitive Playing And Bring Out The Best Of All To Be Artistic, Creative, Technical, Architectural, Intelligent And Scientific All At Once.Inspirational – Fun And Entertaining, Perfect Educational Presents For School Age Children That Will Never Go Out Of Style. Entertaining For Single Or Multiple Parties, Great For Parent-To-Child Bonding With Hours Of Fun Recreational Quality Time. Inspire Others With Your Uniquely Constructed Magnetic Construction Tile Designs And Challenge Friends And Family To Create Something Amazing!Made Of Child Safe, Non-Toxic, Bpa-Free And Lead-Free Materials That Are Cpc (Child Product Certified) And Astm Standard Tested In Cpsc (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) Accredited Laboratory To Ensure Quality And Safety.Unconventional – Unlike Typical Toys, Each Exclusive And Durable Tile Piece Can Be Replaced And More Tiles And Can Always Be Added To Build Other Objects. Easy To Construct And Easy To Put Away For Storage. No Limitations, Versatile, And Scalable To Build As Big As Desired By Adding More Pieces To Create The Master Piece.In The Box: 2 X Magnetic Train Truck Cars Each Car Includes: Reinforce Coupler Reinforce Trailer Hatch Connector Hitch