Juggling Balls – Pack Of 3 Multicolor Vinyl Shells Circus Balls With 4 Panel Design Plastic Beans


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Juggling Balls – Pack Of 3 Multicolor Vinyl Shells Circus Balls With 4 Panel Design Plastic Beans

Juggling Balls – [Pack Of 3] Multicolor, Vinyl Shells, Circus Balls With 4 Panel Design, Plastic Beans

Material: These Juggling Balls Are Made Using Brightly Colored Vinyl Shells. The Plastic Beans Filled In The Balls Eliminates Bounce, Making Juggling And Catching Comfortably.

Many Uses: Multi-Colored Juggling Balls Are Versatile, Equally Suitable For Professional Jugglers And In Learning Environments Where Kids Learn Via Games And Fun Activities.

Design: Smart Design Features A Four-Panel, Solid Construction For More Durability. These Playing Balls Are The Perfect Weight For Hassle-Free Juggling.

Easy To Use: Multi-Colored Balls For Kids And Adults Are Easy To Clean And Offer A Comfortable Grip. Includes 3 Balls.

Made Of Durable Material

Great For Beginners

Includes 3 Balls

Product Descriptionjuggling Balls By Are A Part Of Skill And Activity Based Toys. These Mini Circus Balls, For Kids And Adults, Can Be Used In Classroom Activities. With High Resistance To Bouncing Or Rolling Away, These 4-Color Balls Are Easy To Handle For Kids. Brightly Colored Vinyl Juggling Balls Like These Are Often Used As A Part Of Fun-Themed Activities In Classrooms For Children, Often Used In Make-Believe Games And As A Party Of Storytelling Aids/Props. Use Of Bright Shades Means Children Are More Likely To Be Attracted To These Juggle Balls. Solid Construction Makes These Multi-Colored Balls A Welcome Addition To Parties Or Carnivals, For Ball-Passing Games, Juggling Competitions, Or As Game-Winning Prizes!From The Manufacturerdurable And Easy To Use, Juggling Balls Are Made With Brightly Colored 4 Panel Vinyl Shells And Filled With Plastic Beans Making Catches Comfortable And Eliminating Bounce When Dropped. Each Juggling Ball Set Includes An Instructional Cd-Rom For Learning Juggling Basics.